Long-term bedside care...

Long term home nursing looks at extending care to patients who have progressive diseases and require substantial and ongoing care.
The goal of long term nursing care is to meet all the ongoing care needs and enable your elderly loved one to continue living as independently as possible at home. Our nurse care coordinator draws up an individualized care plan and adjust it as the disease progresses and care evolves.

Below are some common diseases that may require long term bedside nursing care;

  • Parkinson’s disease
    Parkinsonís affects each individual differently, and, for each individual it can vary from hour to hour, day to day. As a result, the care required varies as well. Our bedside nurse will monitor your elderly loved oneís condition, working with your doctor in managing their medications, keeping track of the diet and nutrition and noting down any changes in swallowing and movement problems. Offering advice and information about living with Parkinsonís, our nurse will be there with your elderly loved one and your family, throughout his care journey, from diagnosis to the palliative treatment stages and end-of-life care in the final days.

  • Dementia
    At the early stages, regular, non-medical care such as assistance in activities of daily living may be adequate. As the disease progresses into more advanced stages, the needs evolve and may require more specialized care.

  • Cancer
    Cancer is a disease of mutilated cells with symptoms specific to the site where the cancer occurred. As the disease progresses and various cancer treatments are received, multiple body systems may be affected, causing related problems. You or your loved one may require home care for cancer if you or your loved one is in one of the following stages of the disease;
  1. Early stage (Localized tumor, goal is cure) therapy maybe single type or a combination of different types which will require you to have a bedside nurse.
  2. Advanced stage (Cancer has spread, goal is to prolong life) more aggressive treatment, multi-modal, may include palliative therapy for pain and symptom relief and this stage requires having a bedside nurse.
  3. Terminal stage (Cancer has widely spread, goal is to provide comfort and promote quality of life) 

  • Stroke

Responsibilities and tasks of our Nurses

The general responsibilities of our bedside nurses include various duties that deliver direct and immediate care to whichever patient the nurse is currently assigned to.

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