Bedside Care...

With nursing shortages and thinly stretched nurse-to-patient ratios, a private bedside nurse can give you a piece of mind when you leave your loved one’s side in the day or at night as you return home.

With some extra professional bedside help, you can be reassured that your loved one’s needs are well looked after and be able to focus on other urgent matters requiring your attention.

Considering all that, at Trahas Bedside Care we emphasize;

  1. Peace of Mind by the Bedside:  
  • Depending on your hospital’s policy on hiring a private bedside nurse, our private bedside nurses are able to assist in basic care activities such as assistance in eating meals, showering and being turned regularly to prevent bed sores.
  • Our nurses can also make sure that your loved one’s medication is being served on time, monitoring the condition of your loved one and alerting the medical team to any notifiable changes.

         2. Continuous care after discharge:

  • At Trahas Bedside Care, we believe in patient-centered care and continuity of care for your loved one after a hospital stay.

    When you engage us for hospital bedside care, you have the option of extending care from hospital into your loved one’s home. This is to ensure that your loved one transitions home safely and minimize the chances of an unplanned re-hospitalization. 

Responsibilities and tasks of our Nurses

The general responsibilities of our bedside nurses include various duties that deliver direct and immediate care to whichever patient the nurse is currently assigned to.

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