Who we are..

Trahas Bedside Care is a private and registered company that seeks to grow, transform and improve bedside nursing services in Uganda. Bedside nursing has existed in Uganda for a long time, but still remains in its infancy both in practice and coverage.

Registered in January 2017, Trahas Bedside Care aims to reach patients and those in need of bedside nursing at their point of need. Trahas is able to provide qualified, licensed and experienced nurses to care for the sick, elderly, new mothers or people with special needs either at home or in hospital.

Our nurses provide specialized care with compassion and integrity, assessing the needs of a patient to make sure their basic, medical and emotional needs are satisfactorily met. The nurses however do not treat the patients, but work with hospital doctors and physicians to ensure a smooth and safe recovery for the patient.


Mission: "Transforming care at the bedside and restoration of hope."

Vision: "To be the leading bedside care service provider."

Core Values:

  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Team work
  • Proffessionalism

Bedside Care...

Bedside care is one of the most basic forms of nursing, but is also one of the most important forms too. These nurses do ensure that a patient's basic needs are tended to so that the patient can recover as much as possible without further detorioration. Sometimes, however, a patient's condition will inevitably get worse. Therefore, it is part of the bedside nurse's responsibility to make sure that the patient's emotional needs are met so that they can experience as much care and comfort they deserve.

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Responsibilities and tasks of our Nurses

The general responsibilities of our bedside nurses include various duties that deliver direct and immediate care to whichever patient the nurse is currently assigned to.

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